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Brain Fitness Pro - Benefits
What Are Your Training Goals?
Career advancement or job retraining
Preparation for a test or exam
Reversal of memory loss, relief from mental fog;
  Help in guarding against Alzheimer's and dementia
Increased attention span (reduction in ADD, ADHD & OCD);
  Alleviation of mental or emotional stress
Improvement in problem-solving ability and productivity
Enhanced musical aptitude and appreciation

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Chronic social stress inhibits cell proliferation in the adult medial prefrontal cortex: hemispheric asymmetry and reversal by fluoxetine treatment. Neuropsychopharmacology 2007;32:1490-1503

Shaun's Mind Sparke
Training with Brain Fitness Pro comes within my Top Ten best life choices.

I started at n=2 with great confusion, and I am currently at n=8 with increased confidence. My concentration and working memory were out of shape because of a period of clinical depression. The Brain Fitness Pro training does seem to have improved both my concentration and short-term memory.

Further, I'd say that my general confidence and my general self-control, willpower, or volition have increased as well. I seem to be better able to accomplish tasks and overcome inertia. It seems to me that Brain Fitness Pro provides a salutary effect on the strength, power, and stamina of my mental muscle. Further still, my capacity to remain in the present moments may have improved as well. For sure, these claims are subjective at very best, except of course for my increase from n=2 to n=8, and my increase in my numeric aural digit span from just above average to a span of 8 numeric digits.

Over fifty-hours (so far!) of satisfying training for less than $50.00. That's value for money.
Follow Shaun's progress on the blog...

    "'s changed my life" - John, San Diego


Brain Fitness Pro includes:
Unlimited training with the most sophisticated brain exercises available
Automatic scheduling and adjustment to your needs
Unlimited support and coaching toward your training goals
Web-based training for universal access

* Brain Fitness Pro SE (Special Edition) also features:
Guided meditation to enhance and deepen the training impact
Brain entrainment audio for complementary benefits
Computer-based training software for off-line use

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