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Brain Fitness Pro - Benefits
What Are Your Training Goals?
Career advancement or job retraining
Preparation for a test or exam
Reversal of memory loss, relief from mental fog;
  Help in guarding against Alzheimer's and dementia
Increased attention span (reduction in ADD, ADHD & OCD);
  Alleviation of mental or emotional stress
Improvement in problem-solving ability and productivity
Enhanced musical aptitude and appreciation

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Chronic social stress inhibits cell proliferation in the adult medial prefrontal cortex: hemispheric asymmetry and reversal by fluoxetine treatment. Neuropsychopharmacology 2007;32:1490-1503

Watch The Benefits Presentation
As little as 4 weeks of training with Mind Sparke's scientifically-proven brain exercise enhances general mental ability, boosts academic performance, and restores cognitive function.

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    "'s changed my life" - John, San Diego


Brain Fitness Pro includes:
Unlimited training with the most sophisticated brain exercises available
Automatic scheduling and adjustment to your needs
Unlimited support and coaching toward your training goals
Web-based training for universal access

* Brain Fitness Pro SE (Special Edition) also features:
Guided meditation to enhance and deepen the training impact
Brain entrainment audio for complementary benefits
Computer-based training software for off-line use

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